Forecast demand.

Create accurate demand forecasts.
Optimize your marketing activities.
Increase your sales.

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Person stands with tablet in front of conveyor belt with bottles.
Animation of a platform truck with packages moving from left to right.
Worker scans products on the shelf with handheld scanner and gets feedback on how many products he needs.
Laptop with Circly Plattform showing a animated line chart.
Accurate forecasts
Circly reduces miscalculations by up to 50%. Data-driven and at the push of a button.
For Users
For our no-code platform, you do not need any programming skills or AI expertise.
Integration With All Systems
Via intelligent interfaces you can easily integrate Circly into your existing systems: ERP/WWS/MDE devices.
DL Infrastructure within Austria
Our in-house deep learning infrastructure is physically located in Austria with backups in the EU.
Avoid Supply Bottlenecks
Intermediary demand peaks cause supply bottlenecks. With us it's a matter of: Act instead of react.
Optimize Inventories
Act more efficiently & sustainably at the same time. External & internal data are available for your forecast.
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No-code AI-algorithms for production & retail.

Our self-learning & self-optimizing interactive technology automates routine tasks without human intervention - from forecasting to the analog customer journey.

Consumers make decisions based on external factors that you cannot influence. Avoid uncertainties and gain full control over your trading processes.

25% reduction of returns and waste.

By planning and using the inventory efficiently, resources can be used more economically and larger amounts of waste can be avoided.

You decide!

We offer you our interactive tool incl. different data sets from which you can select & weight your individual factors.

Their models are updated automatically and daily, adapting to events, trends and changes in your business model.

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90% prediction accuracy.

We make complex data science understandable. Benefit from machine learning & state-of-the-art statistical methods that make accurate predictions and give you a precise picture of future commodity flows. Expert knowledge is not required.

Our functions at a glance:

Modular AI Building Kit
Inflexible AI models? That' s what other providers already offer you.
With Circly, you have choice over your dependency factors and can customize your models at any time. Take advantage of the latest technology even without sophisticated IT skills.

Circly Toolbox Dashboard Illustration
API Icon
Microsoft Excel Icon
CSV Icon
Adaptability, direct feedback on features and interactions with the user are Circly's top focus areas.
For this purpose, the user interface has various functions to interact with our developers and the system.
Circly Toolbox Dashboard Illustration
Datepicker with some dates selected
Illustration selected option shows orange curve
Modal window with arrows showing up / down trends
Modal window with yes/no option
Precasted Data
Different companies own different customer groups, driven by a variety of influencing factors.
We offer a pool of available data for our modular system and your individual AI model.
Datapoints connected with lines
Datapoints connected with lines
Datapoints connected with lines
Datapoints connected with lines
Datapoints connected with lines
Cross Platform Dashboards
No matter where you are and how you want to access your data, Circly's dashboards are available at any time anywhere, independent and device-agnostic.
Therefore, the planning of your production directly in the production facilities & ordering in front of the shelves with e.g. MDE devices or smartphones is possible.
Illustration Laptop with Circly Dashboard
Illustration Laptop with Circly Dashboard
Illustration Tablet with Circly Dashboard

80% inventory reduction

Optimized order bundling, automatic inventory balancing & precise inventory availability. Increase your delivery efficiency and inventory reliability with accurate forecasting to save unnecessary transportation and storage costs.


Choose a usage model that best suits your needs.

Add-On for your Planning Systems

Use Circly as an intelligent extension of your planning processes. Import forecast results into your systems via standardized API interfaces without the need to retrain your staff on a new system.
  • Integrate data via standardized API interfaces
  • Use Circly forecasts in existing systems
  • Set triggers and launch forecast results directly from your systems
Schematic illustration of Circly Predictions with an API Interface.Schematic illustration of Circly Predictions with an API Interface.

Visualization in Circly UI

Provide data either via standardized API interfaces or via .csv upload. We visualize your forecast results in the user-friendly Circly UI or as a downloadable Excel file.
  • Integrate data via standardized API interfaces
  • Prediction results analysis in the Circly UI
  • Download the results as a .csv file and feed them into other analytics tools
Schematic illustration of Circly Predictions with the Circly UI.Schematic illustration of Circly Predictions with the Circly UI.

For whom is Circly?

Whether production, trade or wholesale - Circly adapts to your individual needs and industry-specific requirements and helps you to optimize your processes.


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Start-up profile: Never produce too much again.
Food, perishable goods, CO2 - all this Circly wants to save- Learn more about the idea, function, business model and our story!
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Circly among the finalists of the University Challenge
in the Artificial Intelligence category automates routine tasks, including procurement, production and distribution planning.
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Circly: Lower Austrian green tech startup secures early-stage funding
Without expertise, harness the potential of Big Data, machine learning and data science for accurate and flexible demand, revenue and budget forecasting"