We are Circly

and have the vision of a sustainable and better world through AI technology.

Our mission is to bring AI to everyone - from producers to retailers to wholesalers, and to do so simply, accurately, and cost-effectively.

Circly Team

Our story:

Back in 2019, founders Armin Kirchknopf and Eric Weisz had the idea to use Artificial Intelligence technology to combat inefficiency and the waste of resources.

Then, in October 2020, Circly's story began! In February 2021, the company was founded. The team of 3 at that time has already grown to 8. In addition to the branch office in St. Pölten, Lower Austria, a branch office was established in Vienna.


Meet the team:

Eric is co-founder & CEO of Circly. He is in charge of advising our customers. In his spare time he is a passionate athlete.
Eric Weisz
Managing Director | CEO
Backend and Databases, As a dedicated gamer, I also spend a lot of time in front of the laptop.
Armin Kirchknopf
Managing Director | CTO
As a passionate physicist, I cook an excellent bolognese in addition to AI algorithms.
Bernhard Lutzer
Head of AI
As an emergency paramedic, my commitment to better predictive models is at least as great as my commitment during a rescue mission!
Florian Voglauer
Data Scientist
Nina is an AI Engineer at Circly. In her free time, you can often find her surrounded by nature, immersed in a good book.
Nina Zangerle
AI Expert


Known form

Testimonial Image
Start-up profile: Never produce too much again.
Food, perishable goods, CO2 - all this Circly wants to save- Learn more about the idea, function, business model and our story!
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Circly among the finalists of the University Challenge
in the Artificial Intelligence category automates routine tasks, including procurement, production and distribution planning.
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Circly: Lower Austrian green tech startup secures early-stage funding
Without expertise, harness the potential of Big Data, machine learning and data science for accurate and flexible demand, revenue and budget forecasting"