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Circly for Wholesalers

Accurate demand forecasts for better planning in a dynamic market environment.

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So that everything runs according to plan.

Take your planning to a new level. Circly, the platform for accurate demand forecasts, provides you with a sound basis for decision-making and helps you to reduce your planning difference by up to 50%.

You don't need any programming skills to do this - Circly works with simple mouse clicks and integrates seamlessly into your processes.

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Raise your processes to a new level!

Just +15% in planning accuracy brings up to +3% EBIT.

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Effort brings sales.

Optimize your floor space turnover with Circly by purchasing according to demand, taking into account the impact of promotions and external factors, and discontinuing products with a low purchase probability.

This not only improves the profitability of your shelf space, but also increases stock rotation and reduces tied-up capital in the warehouse.

Circly in Action:

Circly can use historical data to calculate the impact of promotions and predict item requirements for future promotions.

In addition, existing data is enriched with third-party data such as weather forecasts from meteorological institutes, public holidays or economic data and taken into account in the forecast.

Barcode with prediction number
Barcode with prediction number
Barcode with prediction number
Barcode with prediction number
Circly Platform on a Laptop Screen with predictions poppig up

How does Circly work?

Circly is an artificial intelligence application that is trained and learned using historical sales data and relevant data from external sources.
The system recognizes patterns in the weighting of influencing factors and the corresponding purchasing behavior of their customers.
With a planning accuracy of 85% - 90%, Circly accurately forecasts at item level how high your sales and demand will be.
The platform also reacts dynamically to changing influencing factors and adjusts the forecast accordingly.

Learn more about our solution:

circly platform

How to get started

In just 4 simple and short steps you can optimize your company - of course our IT will help you with each one!

Upload data

There are 2 options for data upload:
1) Upload data via CSV excel sheet
2) API interface for automated workflow
Illustration woman showing icons for excel, csv and API
Illustration man interacting with one of three open web window

Model gets selected

For the forecast, tailor made models are trained to optimize prediction-performance

Receive evaluation

You receive the analyses visually prepared and directly in your inbox or directly in the existing ERP-system or on the MDE device.

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See the first optimization successes already after the test phase of Circly. With us you work more ecologically and financially sustainable!

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