Efficient supply chain & retail planning

AI-powered planning for manufacturing and retail.
Simple, accurate and cost-efficient.

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No-code AI-algorithms for manufacturing and retail.

Our platform offers you a whole no-code AI toolbox to make your planning more accurate, easier and resource efficient.

Optimize your production, warehousing, supply chain, sales floor and promotional circuits with just one tool through automated forecasting & foolproof application of AI.

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AI prototype within 14 days.

Software projects are time-consuming and require a lot of resources, right? Not with Circly! Thanks to a modern API integration, we supercharge existing systems without lengthy large-scale projects.

With a prototype using your real data, you'll have results in no time, allowing you to cost-effectively test the technology.

Double your accuracy.

With just a few clicks, Circly helps to halve the planning difference. An improvement in planning of just 15% was reflected by our customers in just a few weeks in the form of a 3% increase in EBIT.

For this, no IT- or programming knowledge is required. Eliminate uncertainty in decision-making and make them faster, data-driven and more accurate.

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Circly in numbers:

Achieved results from customer projects, optimization achieved up to:


Returns and waste reduction
Efficient planning and use of inventory quantities can save resources and avoid waste quantities.

Prediction accuracy
By leveraging data that concerns your business, Circly allows you to plan more accurately and reliably.

Inventory reduction
Optimized production as well as order quantities solve the problem of inefficient inventories.


For whom is Circly?

Whether production, trade or wholesale - Circly adapts to your individual needs and industry-specific requirements and helps you to optimize your processes.


Testimonial Image
Start-up profile: Never produce too much again.
Food, perishable goods, CO2 - all this Circly wants to save- Learn more about the idea, function, business model and our story!
Testimonial Image
Circly among the finalists of the University Challenge
in the Artificial Intelligence category automates routine tasks, including procurement, production and distribution planning.
Testimonial Image
Circly: Lower Austrian green tech startup secures early-stage funding
Without expertise, harness the potential of Big Data, machine learning and data science for accurate and flexible demand, revenue and budget forecasting"

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