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1/3 of all resources are lost along the supply chain

Generating a negative CO2 footprint and adverse financial impacts. Production, transportation & storage can cause waste of resources.

Reasons are varied 

and are perceived to be caused by producers & retailers, however the actual driver lays with the consumers in many cases as retailers only try to fulfill their needs.

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Reason 1:

Customers require different products under varying conditions

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Reason 2:
Inaccurate Forecasts

Different demand patterns and trends lead to incorrect forecasts

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Reason 3:
Under- & Overstocking

Inaccurate forecasts lead to too high or too low stocking levels 

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Reason 4: Expiration

Perishable goods  usually have a short "best by date"

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Our Solution: Active Machine Learning Algorithm for Retail

Demand does not exist in isolation. Consumer decisions are based on a variety of different factors, which the retailer has no insight nor influence over.

Our self-learning & self-optimizing interactive technology automates routine tasks without human intervention, from simple forecasts to analog customer journeys:

Our platform offers a wide toolbox for your commercial future enabled through autonomous decision-making.

Avoid uncertainty and gain full control over your retail process.

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A modular concept to determining your individual needs for the coming weeks.

How do we differ from the competition?

We offer you our interactive tool, including different data sets from which you can select & rank your individual dependencies.

Your data models are always up-to-date every day and can be adapted as needed to current events, trends and changes in your business model.

Circly provides valuable input for your planning process:
which products are in demand, when, where and the quantity. 

Statistik, Pfeil nach unten, Genauigkeit


Waste reduction.

Efficient planning and use of existing inventory optimizes resources and avoids waste. Spikes in demand can be buffered through resource sharing and improved utilization of the already existing store network.

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High prediction accuracy.

We make complex data science understandable. Benefit from machine learning & state-of-the-art statistical methods that predict accurately and give you a reliable picture of future flows of goods. Expert knowledge is not required.

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Reduced stock levels.

Efficient order bundling, automatic inventory balancing & on time availability are key enablers.
Enhance your delivery efficiency and inventory reliability with accurate forecasting to avoid unnecessary transportation and storage costs.

Our features overview

With Circly you will take your core processes in wholesale & retail to the next level. Optimize your supply chain, warehouse, forecasting, floor space, human resource planning and campaigns with our interactive AI.

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Feature 1: Interactivity

Adaptability, direct feedback on features and interactions with the user are Circly's top focus areas. Our user interface has multiple options to interact with our developers and the system.

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Feature 2: Precasted data

Different companies own different customer groups, driven by a variety of influencing factors. We offer a pool of available data for our modular system and your individual AI model.

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Feature 3: Modular AI building kit

Different companies own different customer groups, driven by a variety of influencing factors. We offer a pool of available data for our modular system and your individual AI model.

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Feature 4: Cross platform dashboards

No matter where you are and how you want to access your data, Circly's dashboards are available at any time anywhere, independent and device agnostic. Planning your production directly onsite & enabling immediate quantification of stocking needs while being in front of the shelves.

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How to contact us:

Would you like to receive more detailed information?

Are you ready to optimize your processes?

We are happy to show you which opportunities there are to optimize your business, to make it more efficient and how our tools will transform your processes in a data-supported, autonomous & easy way.

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Circly develops AI models for different levels of food manufacturers, retailers and fulfillment centers in different areas.

No, not necessarily. Circly offers different solutions and levels of integration.
If an integration is desired, we will be happy to accommodate. An online management dashboard is available for viewing and managing your data.

You determine your needs and put together your individual AI model. We provide the data, dependency factors and the necessary AI algorithm. Circly's software aims to adapt to your needs and to your daily business at any time.

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Circly is a spin-off from the start-up Ordito, so some information can still be found under the project Ordito Predictions:

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In order to promote innovation in retail and to support a wide range of companies with AI-based solutions for analytics, we have various partnerships.

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